Saturday, July 30, 2005

Make Life Frist

Now that Bill Frist has reversed his opposition to embryonic stem cell research a better compromise needs to be found. To make the best compromise we need to ask what is the most pro-life goal for human embryos?
  • Preventing the destruction of human embryos.
  • Bringing as many human embryos to life as possible.
I believe that the latter is the non-greedy pro-life goal. Because we cannot bring all the human embryos so far created to life, the best compromise is to have the use of embryos for stem cell research conditional on successfully bringing embryos to life. This is the policy I previously proposed in "make life first".
I think that we can allow leftover embryos from a fertility process that has already successfully created a living baby to be used, with permission, for embryonic stem cell research. I think we should create embryos only for the process of creating life, and we should destroy embryos for research only if the creation of life is successful.
A federal stem cell compromise would also reduce the demand for state financing of embryonic stem cell research, like the California Proposition 71 boondoggle.


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