Friday, July 22, 2005


Props 77 and 80 have been removed from the California Special Election ballot.

Democracy Market has the scoop on prop 80's removal from the ballot.

The court found that only the legislator has the authority to give the PUC additional powers so they tossed it.
This seems like a sound court judgment. Preventing competition for energy users is not a good idea. However, the public will not get to decide this for now.

Prop 77 was removed because the court decided that the difference between the submitted and circulated props were "substantive". Flap and others think that this is not a bad thing. This will focus attention on the remaining propositions. I agree because I don't think that redistricting will help very much. The population in California and elsewhere has been self gerrymandering themselves recently by their choice of residence. I also oppose an intra-census redistricting after a proper constitutional districting, however unwanted, has been performed. I think it would be a much better idea to vastly increase the size of the Assembly. Splitting each district into five would give legislators a more focused smaller constituency while keeping the legislature at a manageable 400 members. The split should not redraw existing district lines and would keep existing legislators in their seats, reducing opposition. The new districts would create new competitive primaries at least, and bring new blood into the assembly.


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