Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lockyer Propositioning

Bill Lockyer has changed the title and summary to Schwarzenegger's "Live Within our Means" initiative.
First, the title now starts with the words "state spending" instead of "school funding."

Second, the summary itself leads with the overall spending limit, which is based on a three-year average of revenues. The old version started with its potential effect on school spending.

These changes came only after Lockyer's bias was caught.
The changes came about after supporters of the measure -- Proposition 76 -- threatened to sue to get a better summary.
Lockyer also wrote his Prop. 77 summary from the version that was not circulated and said he will not prepare a new one unless ordered by the court to do so.

Lockyer will at least take the right side of the Kelo battle and will support the landowners in a Kern County eminent domain case.

In other ballot news, the state Supreme Court reinstated Prop. 80, stating that "it would be more appropriate for opponents to challenge the measure if and when it is approved by voters." Re-regulating electricity is both a bad idea and will likely be struck down if is passes.


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