Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dancing With the Stars

For the fourth week the stars will dance sambas and then a group Viennese Waltz.

Joey's posture is improving, he is selling his upper body movements better, but is still a little sloppy.

Rachel and her partner are far apart and side by side too much and do not do enough dancing together. Rachel is not as good by herself, they should spend more time in and dance holds and pair stunts where she looks the best. She needs her partner to make her look good. They also need better music. I agree with Carrie Ann for once.

John looks great in the first half when he is dancing with his partner. The second half is weaker with with too much wiggling side by side. His leg kick at the end is glaringly much lower than hers.

What a difference a little ballet makes. Kelly looks like the best of the group dancing by herself. She survives nine straight spins and a wardrobe malfunction. Her posture and arm motion looks much better with the ballet work.

Unfortunately, they do not use Viennese music for the group waltz. Joey's waltz jumps and Kelly's lift spin were the best spotlight dancing. Kelly was the most noticeable outside of the spotlight on first viewing, but the camera and dress color may have helped. On replay, John looks solid and Joey was not on camera enough to verify the judges' scud comment.

Rachel is out. Though she was not the worst of the group, I have the least interest in seeing how much she would improve. I think Joey needs the ballet class this week.


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