Friday, June 10, 2005

Guantanamo Bay

It seems certain human rights organizations only look at violations, and not at the advancement of human rights. They would rate our human rights record better if instead of detaining and interrogating terrorists we were supporting them. Terrorists at large murder, kidnap, torture, and abuse innocent Muslims and non-Muslims wherever they operate. The terrorists are the biggest human rights abusers, and those who support them and those who do nothing in the war against them are abusing human rights by not confronting terrorism. To have a better human rights record than us, a country would have to achieve as much or more to control terrorists while committing fewer abuses in the process. Those who say they can do human rights better should not be telling us to shut it down, they should be offering to run the place.

There is one alternative to Guantanamo Bay that is worth consideration. Turning it into a Hong-Kong style Guantanamo Bay Freeport.


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