Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blow up the Lock Box!

Social Security provides zero security till death, disability, or retirement age. Social Security locks the money away from you, but not from the government.

The purpose of a forced savings program should be to save for expenses you need to pay for. The solution is not locking your payroll contributions into the stock market, but letting you spend them when you most need to. Private accounts should fund what young people need to save money for: home ownership and children. People should be able to take raid their lock box for a down payment on their home. The equity will only increase future savings. We should also have childhood health and education debit accounts to pay the expenses of having our children. Children are needed to earn and pay taxes to support both ourselves and the government in the future. Government can't have children, people do. There could be a means tested repayment for debit accounts. But even if retirement benefits are reduced for those who raid their lock box, they will have equity and children who can help pay for their retirement.

Lock Boxes are the problem, we should blow them up!


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