Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Zero Newspaper Town

Los Angeles is definitely a zero newspaper town. Patterico catches the Los Angeles Times deliberately removing facts supporting the U.S. on their reprint of a Reuters story about the Italian shooting incident. Proof that the U.S. is telling the truth and the Italians are lying is definitely news not fit to print in the L.A. Times.

This is worse than their s/pro-life/anti-abortion/g incident, and all of their other blunders.


Blogger calmo said...

"deliberately removing facts from the story" seems heavy to me. Alright, they did exclude the additional satellite evidence that Reuters had, but they did not question the bit about bringing the car to a halt by shooting the hell out of the engine block. That struck me as odd. No, as lying.
Back to the satellite: Not that it is any difficulty in indentifying the right car or it's speed, but can that record come from another scene? Is it possible that US intelligence could produce any footage to cover it's version that the car was doing 60mph? Lastly, "he said ,she said" is a weighted issue usually: *many* people say the car was doing 30mph while a *few* maintain that it was doing 60, no?
So, I'm not overjoyed with the newspaper account but for different reasons.

5/03/2005 12:28 AM  

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