Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Chirac declares new cold war against "Ultra-liberalism"

Jacques Chirac declares that "Ultra-liberalism is the communism of our age."
By "ultra-liberalism" Mr Chirac means the sort of market economics that has made America the world's strongest economy, rescued Britain from 40 years of decline and brought prosperity to countries ranging from New Zealand to Singapore.
This means the United States along with new Europe.
Chiraq's side is:
The "European social model", a euphemism for sclerotic economies, job-destroying labour regulations and enterprise-stifling welfare provisions, must now take precedence over market reforms. Services provided cheaply by lower-regulated foreign workers are now described as "social dumping". Rather than embrace liberalisation, Mr Chirac and his allies believe the EU should act as a bulwark against it.


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